Baby Comfort and Savings with New DockATot Coupon

Many new mothers let their newborns sleep with them in their bed. However, there are reports that most cases of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome happen to babies who sleep with their mother in the bed or who are put to sleep in a crib. This is because the bed and the crib have soft beddings that can easily suffocate the newborn and cause its demise. Besides, a bed or a crib may not be a comfortable place for your baby.


To provide babies with the comfort that is highly similar to that of the womb where they have stayed for nine months, the DockATot has been invented by a mom from Sweden. The DockATot is the maker of high-quality beds with the same name for newborns and toddlers. The bed has elevated edges so that there will be no danger of the baby falling from it. It is made of breathable materials that remain cool and comfortable throughout the day. The cover is made of a washable material that has been tested to meet the requirement for baby bedcovers.

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It will be safe to co-sleep with the baby because you can place the dock on your bed beside you. You can carry it anywhere you go because it is light and easy to move. You can check all the DockATot products by visiting where you can see all the designs. Prices vary depending on materials that have been used to make the dock. Fortunately, you can enjoy a discounted price by using the code from Deal & Coupon Code: 10% off with code 10OFF.

With the DockATot, you can give your baby a great tummy-time. The side of the dock can easily support the baby’s arms while you let him stand on his bed. This will help the baby have a healthy body and strong neck. Keep your baby warm, comfortable, and strong by using DockATot.